An Experienced
Municipal Law Attorney
in Ebensburg, PA

Attorney Burns Represents Nearly a Dozen Boroughs & Townships in Three Counties

As a municipal solicitor, Attorney Tim Burns has experience in writing numerous borough and township ordinances on a variety of issues, including land use, police matters, nuisances, and PennVest funding matters.

Attorney Burns can also represent you if you have a dispute with your local government. If you have ideas or want to dispute a local ordinance, call today at (814) 471-1701 to see what Attorney Burns can do for you.

Lawyer Fighting for Historical Preservation in Johnstown, PA

Central PA is full of beautiful, rich history. Unfortunately, as time goes on, residents go together to remove landmarks for various reasons. Over the last two decades, Attorney Tim Burns has fought to save various historical landmarks in Johnstown, PA, and the surrounding areas, including the Roxbury Park Bandshell in 2005. Landmarks not only act as beautiful attractions, but represent a community’s long, fruitful past.

If there is a historical landmark or building on the road to demolition in your Central PA town, you need an experienced, headstrong lawyer to stand by you and protect history.

Contact Attorney Tim Burns for Municipal Matters

Municipal law can come with complex and confusing processes. If you are involved in a local government dispute, contact municipal law Attorney Tim Burns. He has experience writing ordinances and handling various civil matters throughout the Central PA region. From zoning issues, to historical preservation, Attorney Burns has the experience you look for in a reliable municipal law attorney.

Do not try to handle your case on your own. Reach out to our office today.