Providing Experienced Legal
Representation for DUI Charges

Attorney Tim Burns Represents Clients with DUI Charges

DUI charges are stressful and frightening for many reasons, including the threat of large fines, jail time, and loss of your license. If you are facing a DUI charge in Cambria County or the surrounding areas, call on Attorney Tim Burns for strong criminal defense. If your blood-alcohol level is .08 percent or greater, you run the risk of being charged with a DUI.

Whether it is your first offense or your third, call Attorney Burns at (814) 471-1701 right away. We proudly serve clients in Cambria County and the surrounding areas.

Know the Penalties of a DUI Conviction in PA

Driving under the influence in Pennsylvania counts for all intoxicants, including alcohol, marijuana, inhalants, and controlled substances. Depending on the rate and the number of offenses, fines can range from $500 to $10,000, jail time can go from 6 months of probation to five years, and a license suspension can last over a year. A DUI is not something you can easily ignore or recover from, especially if you injure someone.

DUI’s in PA can lead to a misdemeanor or felony charge on your record and even more time in prison.

Programs to Restore Your Reputation After a DUI in Central PA

After a DUI conviction, it can feel like your life is over. Between paying on fines, a new criminal record, and no license, it is easy to feel isolated and alone. PA offers programs for those with DUI convictions to reduce the penalties, including an Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) and the ignition interlock device (IID). The ARD program includes a driver’s safety program, drug and alcohol evaluation, any necessary drug and alcohol treatments, and court supervision. After the program, the court can decide to dismiss the charge.

The IID restores some driving rights back to you after conviction. In some cases, an IID is mandatory after a license is reinstated. Contact Attorney Tim Burns in Ebensburg, PA, to learn more about your rights after a DUI conviction in Central PA.