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Criminal Defense Attorney
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Defend Your Rights with Attorney Tim Burns

When facing criminal charges in Cambria County or the surrounding areas, it is important to find a strong criminal defense attorney to protect your rights. No matter how insignificant the crime may seem, it is crucial to find an attorney to ensure you cover all bases and get the best outcome for you. From speeding tickets, to murder charges, Attorney Tim Burns is ready to provide a strong defense. 

If you are facing criminal charges, call Attorney Tim Burns today at (814) 471-1701 to go over your case and see what is best for you. Our office proudly serves Cambria County and the surrounding areas.

Representation for Misdemeanors in Ebensburg, PA

While some charges may not seem serious, most misdemeanors come with great consequences. From large fines, to possible jail time, misdemeanor charges are nothing to take lightly. Misdemeanor charges in Pennsylvania can come after a DUI, petty theft, assault, vandalism, and trespassing.

If you are facing a misdemeanor talk with criminal defense Attorney Tim Burns right away. He will listen to your case and help to build a strong defense.

Attorney Tim Burns Represents Clients Facing Felony Charges

Depending on the crime, those convicted of a felony can face up to life in prison, along with thousands of dollars in fines. Regarding the seriousness of felonies, it is important to find the right criminal defense lawyer to protect your rights and work to get you the best outcome possible. Attorney Tim Burns in Ebensburg, PA, has nearly two decades of experience in criminal law and defense, and is ready to protect your rights in trial.

Attorney Burns knows and understands the local court system, and is in the process of becoming certified by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to defend death penalty cases. Contact us today for criminal defense.