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Attorney Tim Burns Handles Divorce and Family Law Matters

For over a decade, residents of Bedford, PA, have trusted Attorney Tim Burns to handle divorce, child custody, and other family law matters. He has stood by countless clients and helped to protect their rights, and he will fight for the best result possible. Attorney Burns has experience in the following cases:

Child Custody
Protection of Abuse Orders (PFA)
Children & Youth
Change of Name

Even the most amicable relationships face hardship and hostility when going through divorce or family law cases. When you need a compassionate, trustworthy family law lawyer to put your needs first, call Attorney Tim Burns at (814) 471-1701 today. Our firm proudly serves Bedford, PA; Everett, PA; Saxton, PA; and the surrounding Bedford County areas.

Face DUI and Felony Charges Head On in Everett, PA

When facing a DUI, misdemeanor, or felony charge in Everett, PA, or the surrounding areas, call on the assistance of criminal law Attorney Tim Burns. Attorney Burns fights tirelessly to protect the rights of the accused, and works to get the fairest outcome for his clients. When you find yourself buried in fines, fear of jail time, and isolation from the community, trust Attorney Burns to listen to your case and build a strong defense for you in Everett, PA.

Contact Attorney Tim Burns for Counsel After a Local Government Dispute

Attorney Tim Burns handles municipal law matters for residents of Bedford County, PA, and the surrounding Central PA areas. From minor zoning disputes, to historical preservation, trust Attorney Tim Burns to provide strong legal counsel and stand by you during the dispute. Our goal is to make all local areas safe, enjoyable places to live in.

Helping Clients Plan Their Will and Estate in Saxton, PA

When you begin to plan for the future, it is crucial to have a valid will and estate. If a will is deemed invalid, the court will determine the fate of your estate based on intestacy laws. Keep your loved ones in mind when planning for the future, and contact Attorney Tim Burns to begin planning your will and estate in Saxton, PA, today.